What the press is saying

Hideaway Report has one big thing going: honesty... In a world of commoditized content and questionable ethics, doing something different is probably the only way you're going to survive.

What the press is saying

Identifying small, exclusive, out-of-the-way resorts is the specialty of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

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What the press is saying

Testing over 150 small, distinctive hotels with exceptional service, [the Hideaway Report] Grand Awards uncover some of the very best boutique properties in the world.

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TV interview with Hideaway Report digital editor

FOX 7's "Good Day Austin" spoke with Kristen Remeza about staycation destinations during the holidays

Radio interview with Hideaway Report CEO

RMWorld speaks with Hideaway Report’s CEO Crista Bailey who details the nuances of their reports/reviews vs bloggers and others...

Travel brand 'Andrew Harper' returns to original name: Hideaway Report

The company says the original name "better reflects editorial focus on hideaway hotels and travel experiences," and it signals to new readers what the brand means...

Decades-old media company goes back to basics

Truth in consumer travel coverage is a rare commodity, but one bespoke media company thinks it can succeed solely by sending writers around the world, paying the travel bills along the way...

Favorite Small Hotels for 2018 Include Two in California

Identifying small, exclusive, out-of-the-way resorts is the specialty of the Hideaway Report...

CEO to Transform Travel Magazine To Digital-First Brand

Crista Bailey, who became the CEO of Andrew Harper magazine last September, is building a new business model for the 40-year-old, print-centric luxury travel publication...

Interview With Crista Bailey, CEO

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge...

Trying to Make Money in Consumer Travel Media

Selling off the business that helped subsidize editorial content was certainly a brave move..

Where Vacations Are Headed in 2018 and Beyond

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Practical Traveler: Newsletters That Point the Way in Different Ways

From the New York Times archives...

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To find reliable advice, you may need to disregard over-the-top (or fake) complaints and praise...