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This tiny country has been pulled to and fro throughout the ages. Sweden ceded control to Russia in the 18th century, and following a window of independence beginning in 1918, Estonia was usurped by the Soviet Union after World War II. Today Estonia is a member of the European Union. Tallinn, on the Gulf of Finland, is the capital and commercial center, with a splendid walled medieval city at its heart. In the southeast, Tartu, the second-largest city, is an academic center with student-filled cafés, markets, bistros, a wealth of museums and magnificently restored churches. About 1,500 islands lie off the country’s craggy coast. Muhu is among the most picturesque: a mossy, wooded refuge centered on a charming 16th-century village.

Direct Dial Codes

To phone hotels in Estonia, dial 011 (international access) + 372 (Estonia code) + city code and local numbers in listings.


Seven hours ahead of New York (EST).


Estonia has a temperate climate. The weather is typically breezy and humid because of the country’s proximity to the Baltic Sea. The western coastal areas are noticeably warmer than the inland regions. July is the ideal month for a visit.

U.S. Embassy

Tallinn, Tel. 668-8100.


Euro (€). Fluctuating rate valued at €1.00 = US$1.16 as of September 2018.

Entry Requirements

Passport (valid for six months beyond end of stay). Visit, and for travelers’ health information,