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Tasting Australian Wine: Wine Odyssey Australia

You won't find Wine Odyssey Australia on any local lists of "Best Sydney Wine Bars" because it's on a touristy street and its selection lacks variety.

Vanuatu's Sacred Kava

You can find kava, a mud-colored drink made from a root, at almost every resort in Melanesia.

Photo Tour: The Best of Fiji and Vanuatu

Andrew Harper shares travel photos and favorite trip experiences from a recent trip to Fiji and Vanuatu that was featured in the November 2015 Hideaway Report.

Photo Tour: A Weekend in Sydney

Andrew Harper shares travel photos that weave together a perfect weekend in Sydney, Australia.

Snorkeling Million Dollar Point in Vanuatu

Little remains of the military base fictionalized in the musical "South Pacific" -- at least not above the waterline.

Bookshelf: 'The Birth of Sydney'

Rather than produce a dry history of the city, in "The Birth of Sydney," editor Tim Flannery assembles a fascinating collection of firsthand descriptions.

Top 10 Sun Valley Holiday Traditions

While the biggest winter draw is alpine skiing, Sun Valley has no shortage of other activities. Here are my favorites.

City Guide: Cagliari

Cagliari, Sardinia, is attractive and pleasantly sleepy. Founded by the Phoenicians around 1000 B.C., it later became Roman, Spanish and finally, Italian.

Photos: 6 Newly Recommended Hotels, September 2015

In this issue, Mr. Harper adds six new hotels to the Harper Collection in this issue: three new properties in Sardinia and three new properties in the Bahamas.

Letter From the Editor, September 2015

Andrew Harper introduces the September 2015 issue of the Hideaway Report, which details his 10-day road trip through Sardinia and a journey through the Bahamas.

Bookshelf: Memories of Old Prussia

"Before the Storm, Memories of My Youth in Old Prussia" is Countess Marion Doenhoff's memoir, and takes place in East Prussia before it became part of Russia.

Berlin Boutiques Walking Tour

On this trip to Berlin, Germany, I sought out smaller boutiques and quirkier shopping streets in hopes of finding some unique gifts to bring home.

A Tour of Dresden in Photos

Andrew Harper shares photos from a recent trip to Dresden, Germany.

Rococo Splendor at the Sanssouci Palace

In Potsdam, outside Berlin, Frederick the Great built Prussia’s answer to Versailles: Sanssouci, or “Without a Care.” The main palace stands atop vineyards.

Dresden’s New Military History Museum

Originally an armory, one of Germany’s most important military history museums opened in 2011 as the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr in Dresden.

Favorite Movies Set in Berlin

Berlin has served as the setting for countless films, and in the early years of moviemaking, its studios rivaled those in Hollywood.

Contemporary Art in Berlin

Berlin’s most atmospheric venues for contemporary art are the Sammlung Boros, housed in a bunker, and Hamburger Bahnhof, a former train station.

Berlin's Fascinating Small Museums

During our stay at the Schlosshotel im Grunewald, we took advantage of its proximity to three small museums we’d never found the time to visit.

Touring Tempelhof

A guided tour of a decommissioned airport doesn’t sound likely to quicken the pulse, but Tempelhof Airport is no ordinary ex-airport.

Castles in Mecklenburg: Schloss Basedow and Schloss Güstrow

Beyond Schloss Schwerin, Andrew Harper explores prominent castles of Schloss Basedow and Schloss Güstrow within an easy sightseeing of Mecklenburg, Germany.

The 1,000-Year-Old Oaks of Ivenack

One day during our visit to Mecklenburg, Germany, we followed winding country roads and reached the grizzled, yet majestic 1,000-year-old oaks of Ivenack.

Obstbrand: German Fruit Brandy

Germany has a venerable tradition of making Obstbrand, or fruit brandy, which often is a fruit-flavored grain spirit.

Photo Tour: Mecklenburg, Germany

Andrew Harper shares photos from a recent trip to the Mecklenburg area of Germany.

Bintan Island, Indonesia

Bintan Island is part of Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago, and because of its strategic location, it has been subject to foreign domination for centuries.

Who Owns Yellowstone Lodges?

Andrew Harper explores the formation of and the current ownership of the Yellowstone Lodges, the only accommodations in the United States' first national park.

Musée Alsacien

The charming Musée Alsacien is highly recommended for a fascinating introduction to the complex history of Alsace.

Ancient and Contemporary Art in Santiago

Delve into the ancient art of Chile’s indigenous peoples, as well as to encounter the country’s vibrant contemporary art scene.

Single-Vineyard Wines of Mendoza

Mendoza's fine Argentine wines routinely outshine their price tags, a trend especially evident in the increasing crop of single-vineyard wines.

The Experimental Winery of Catena Zapata

The Catena Zapata winery is one of Mendoza’s most popular stops. What really made this visit worthwhile was our private tour of the experimental winery.

Piedmont Dining

Andrew Harper shares photos from his indelible and delicious dining experiences in the culinary mecca of Piedmont, Italy.

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