6 Travel Guides to Town & Country Pairings


In this series, we’re exploring some of our very favorite city and countryside pairings. In each case, the city and the surrounding region both merit exploration on their own. But when combined, the pairings lay the groundwork for a vacation that leaves you feeling both invigorated and refreshed.

1. San Francisco and the Wine Country of California

One classic city and countryside pairing in the United States is in northern California, where two of the world’s most famous wine regions lie just an hour from one of America’s most picturesque cities. An ideal short visit could include around four days in San Francisco and another four in either the Napa or Sonoma valleys. For a foodie, it would be hard to top such an itinerary.

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2. Florence and Tuscany, Italy

One of Europe’s classic city-country combinations can be found in the heart of Italy. Florence and Tuscany, celebrated in countless films and novels, remain as alluring as ever.

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3. Sydney and the Australian Coast

Friendly and infectiously happy Australia has more than its fair share of dramatic natural beauty, an incredible collection of unique flora and fauna and a world-class food and wine scene.

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4. New York and the Hamptons or the Hudson Valley

Montauk Point Lighthouse in the Hamptons
Montauk Point Lighthouse in the Hamptons

New York City can be a sensory overload, and a spell in the country immediately following a visit to Manhattan feels especially appropriate. The Hamptons on the eastern tip of Long Island are a classic escape from the city, and the tranquil Hudson Valley, with its orchards, vineyards, fine restaurants and stately homes, has afforded escape to some of the great names in American history

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5. London, the Cotswolds and Bath

A trip to the truly global city of London is well-matched with journey into the illustrious, bucolic country. One of the loveliest patches of the English countryside can be found in the Cotswolds, which contains a wealth of enchanting medieval villages set amid gently rolling hills. Alternatively, or in addition to the Cotswolds, you could head to Bath, which Mr. Harper calls “perhaps the most beautiful city in England.”

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6. Buenos Aires and Bariloche

From Buenos Aires, it’s a short flight to some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. At the northern end of Patagonia, Bariloche beckons with majestic snowcapped peaks, crystalline blue lakes, waterfalls, ancient forests and colorful wildflower meadows.

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By Hideaway Report Staff