Six Senses Opens in Bhutan


Times are changing in Bhutan. Once, the tiny Himalayan land was a hermit kingdom that admitted few tourists, but 2017 saw more than 62,000 international visitors (excluding arrivals from India and Bangladesh). Aman Resorts has been the only company to offer lodges in locations throughout the country. Now its approach will be imitated by Six Senses.

A suite at the Bumthang location of the new Six Senses Bhutan
A suite at the Bumthang location of the new Six Senses Bhutan - Six Senses

Between January and May 2019, five stylish new lodges will open in Thimphu (the capital), Paro (in the west), Punakha and Gangtey (in central valleys), and Bumthang (farther east). Six Senses will offer itineraries of between five and 14 nights. The company is deservedly renowned for its spas and wellness centers. In Bhutan, therapies will range from hot-stone baths in Thimphu and Bumthang to relaxation in a pyramid meditation room and swedana treatments at Gangtey.

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