Shopping: Como Finds


Abbazia di PionaAbbazia di Piona

Tucked away in an 11th-century monastery, this charming shop sells goods made by the monks, including excellent limoncello and mandarin orange liqueur, perfume, and toiletries such as skin creams and bees-wax soap. 

Vanini Osvaldo

You’ll spot Vanini olive oil at many of the best restaurants in and around Lake Como, since it is prized for its delicate arti- choke-and-almonds taste. The Vaninis have been producing oil since 1850 and won a gold medal at the turn-of-the-century Paris Exposition. Demand has since invariably outstripped supply. 


Run by the same family since 1856, this haberdashery in Cernobbio carries a superb selection of the finest Italian fabrics and has made suits for everyone from Clark Gable to European crowned heads. 

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