Musée Alsacien


The charming Musée Alsacien is highly recommended for a fascinating introduction to the complex history of Alsace. Many people mistakenly conclude that Alsace is just a hybrid of French and German cultures, when the region actually has a very rich and distinctive identity of its own.

Reconstructed Alsatian interior with furniture and clothing
Reconstructed Alsatian interior with furniture and clothing - Musée Alsacien de Strasbourg / Musées de Strasbourg, M. Bertola

Occupying three beautifully restored Renaissance houses linked by staircases and passageways, the museum displays furniture, pottery, tools, clothing, toys and religious objects in reconstructed interiors that are typical of Alsace’s regions, including the agricultural plains along the Rhine, the Vosges Mountains and the wine-country villages.

Musée Alsacien
23-25 Quai Saint-Nicolas, Strasbourg. Tel. (33) 3-88-52-50-01

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