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Travel Advisor Profile - Juliet Hausser

Juliet Hausser calls herself an adrenaline junky yogi. She loves spending time outdoors, hiking, rock climbing and especially kayaking on the Fox River near her home in St. Charles, IL. In her 21 years as a travel professional, Juliet has traveled extensively. She has been to every continent except Antarctica, and each year she takes one solo trip, “because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone.” In her travels, Juliet says, “I have met amazing people from all over the world who share similar interests and views.” Her solo trip this year is to Australia and Indonesia.

Three words that describe you:
Adventurous, happy and easy-going.

Leisure-time pursuits:
Hiking, yoga, travel, rock-climbing, kayaking. I love being outdoors.

Area of the world you specialize in/know like the back of your hand:
I’m on the “Rest of the World” team. I do everything except Europe. I pretty much sell the world.

Most unexpected thing you’ve ever experienced on a trip:
Taking a bus from Quito to Otavalo, Ecuador. Someone would hang half out the bus calling out the stops and the locals would board with their “stuff.” A woman got on with her rooster, and I was fortunate to sit next to her and the clucker.

Country you’d most like to visit:
Nepal and Tibet, to trek the Himalayas and the upper and lower Mustang in Nepal.

If you had to live in a hotel forever, which one would it be:
Amandari, in Bali. It’s peaceful, tranquil and beautiful.

Most out-of-the-way place you’ve ever found yourself in:
Probably Bhutan and the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.

Dream travel buddy:
The BBC’s David Attenborough. He’s a naturalist, with big curiosity; he loves nature and has incredible stories.

What makes you a smart traveler:
I’m a relaxed traveler. I don’t plan a lot. The best memories I have came from going with the flow.

Natural wonder you can’t wait to see:
Mount Everest, or the Heart Reef and Whitehaven Beach in Australia.

Most breathtaking scenery you've ever witnessed:
It’s a tie: the beaches of Turks & Caicos and the mountain passes in Bhutan, where prayer flags are hanging everywhere, floating in the wind. It’s an incredible, magical place.

You wish you would have traveled here sooner:
Bali: I love the culture and the people.

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By Hideaway Report Staff

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