La Chascona, the Home of Pablo Neruda


Three houses that once belonged to Pablo Neruda, winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature, are now open to visitors: the galleon-themed Isla Negra on the coast at El Quisco; colorful La Sebastiana overlooking Valparaíso; and rambling La Chascona, set on a hillside in Santiago’s Bellavista neighborhood. Chile’s most famous poet built this idiosyncratic house for his mistress (and later wife) who lived in and preserved the home until her death in 1985. Even 30 years later, a tour of La Chascona feels startlingly intimate. In addition to notable artworks by Léger and Fornasetti, the home contains numerous personal objects, ranging from original table settings to Neruda’s Nobel medal to a cellulite-reducing belt massager in the master bath. The English audio guide brings the home to vivid life.

La Chascona summer bar exterior - © Archivo Fundación Pablo Neruda
Living room at La Chascona - © Archivo Fundación Pablo Neruda

Library at La Chascona - © Archivo Fundación Pablo Neruda
Dining room at La Chascona - © Archivo Fundación Pablo Neruda

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