Journey to the Far East


Like Europe, Southeast Asia combines rich history, extraordinary landscapes, magnificent architecture and superlative cuisine. The result is nothing short of intoxicating. Of course, parts of the region experienced terrible violence in the 20th century, but nowadays, “very few areas of the world offer such a profound sense of peace,” says Mr. Harper. “Most return from their visits stirred by the beauty of the landscape and the generosity of their hosts.”


The wide variety of Southeast Asia’s attractions ensures that the region offers excursions to suit all interests and travelers. The following two contrasting itineraries serve as perfect examples, with the first taking travelers off the beaten track in endlessly fascinating and friendly Cambodia, incorporating Mr. Harper’s most recent Hideaway of the Year and Cruise of the Year.

Alternatively, those who prefer more urban delights will surely enjoy spending time in two of the world’s greatest culinary cities, Bangkok and Singapore, connected by a jaunt on Belmond’s luxury train.

Of course, a region so densely packed with attractions rewards multiple visits. There’s no need to limit yourself to just one of these itineraries. Indeed, they complement each other beautifully.

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By Hideaway Report Staff