Hiking Vancouver


Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city encircled by water and deep-green mountains. On this trip, it was a priority for me to explore the city's natural surroundings.

Climbing uphill through temperate rainforest with our guide at Capilano River Regional Park. - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
The Capilano River cuts a gorge through the woods just outside downtown Vancouver. - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
 A footbridge across the Capilano River affords memorable views of the gorge. - Photo by Hideaway Report editor
Lush old-growth forest still covers portions of the Capilano River Regional Park. - Photo by Hideaway Report editor

In partnership with Musette Tours, the Loden Hotel offers WanderFIT bicycle and hiking excursions. The marketing of these private tours emphasizes fitness, but for me, sightseeing was the goal. I requested a two-hour hike and explained that I was interested in access to memorable views and landscapes. My personable guide was waiting for me in the Loden lobby right on time, and we set out in his SUV across the Lions Gate Bridge. Within just 15 minutes, we parked on the edge of the Capilano River Regional Park. He brought along water and snacks, which allowed me to hike without a pack. We spent a delightful afternoon tramping through a fragrant forest of towering firs and cedars, which were often richly decorated with Spanish moss. Periodically, the trees would open to views of the rugged river gorge. I got some exercise, but more important, I discovered a beautiful part of Vancouver I would have otherwise missed.

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