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Travel Advisor Profile

Belinda Ng was born in Malaysia and has lived in the United States for more than 10 years. An early desire to travel led to her career in the industry, and she feels privileged to have visited so many places. "While it’s hard to choose a favorite destination, my fondest memories are the awe-inspiring structures and man-made monuments I’ve visited, like the pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru and the Great Wall of China." Belinda enjoys meeting people from all over the world, learning about their cultures, ways of life and different types of ethnic food. "It is a big world out there, and there is no better feeling than helping travelers plan their unforgettable, life-changing journeys."

Three words that describe you:
Happy-go-lucky, detail-oriented, always striving to improve.

Leisure-time pursuits:
Contemplating my next adventure and spending time with family and friends.

Area of the world you specialize in/know like the back of your hand:
Asia (particularly Southeast Asia), India, the Middle East and South America.

Most unexpected thing you’ve ever discovered on a trip:
Street food. It’s always a golden rule for anyone who travels: Avoid street food. But this is what I did in India—a big no-no: I tried some local breakfast from a pushcart. It was deep-fried and piping hot, served with a gravy. Delicious, and I didn’t get sick. I always try street food wherever I go.

Country you’d most like to visit:
Uganda and Rwanda to see the gorillas. It’s such a precious moment, but it takes a lot to go on that adventure. It might take you hours to hike through the forest, up mountains, through thick brush and mud (when there is rain). It’s not an easy adventure; one has to be physically fit, but it would be worth it.

If you had to live in a hotel forever, which one would it be:
Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. It’s on the river so you can have breakfast on the terrace every morning and watch the river barges and local transportation. The staff and service are great. It would be a nice permanent home.

Most out-of-the-way place you’ve ever found yourself:
Mrauk Oo, Myanmar. It was a tedious trip because we had to go on a boat for six hours to reach it. Then we took a two-hour boat ride on the river to a Chin village, known for the tattooed faces of women—a tradition that has been abandoned by the younger generation there. We met with seven of the last eight existing women with tattoos on their faces.

Dream travel buddy:
I enjoy eating, so Anthony Bourdain.

What makes you a smart traveler:
Learning from my mistakes and packing light! I like to know about the surrounding areas I am staying, and I try to find out what areas to avoid, as I tend to travel alone.

Natural wonder you can’t wait to see:
The aurora borealis would be fascinating.

Most breathtaking scenery you've ever witnessed:
I have three. 1) Ta Prohm, a temple in Cambodia with gigantic roots entwining the temple structure; it’s breathtaking what nature can do. 2) The Terracotta Army: You just see rows of rows of the warriors two to three football fields big; you cannot find two faces that look alike. 3) The Great Wall of China: The area I went to was Mutianyu, which was further from the city and less crowded; it goes on for miles and miles, never-ending.

You wish you would have traveled here sooner:
To Chengdu, to see the adorable pandas and their babies. And the hot springs in Japan; the snow monkeys are so adorable in the winter.

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By Hideaway Report Staff