Featured Members: Margaret and Don Garnett


Margaret and Don Garnett are longtime Andrew Harper members who recently stayed at The Meridian Club in Turks and Caicos. Their first visit to the beach resort was inspired by a Hideaway Report article written 30 years ago in 1984. This year’s trip was such a success that they dubbed it “better than last time” and have already made plans for a return visit later next year. The well-traveled couple have no fewer than eight trips planned this year, the longest of which is 10 weeks (not counting any trip shorter than six days, of course). We had a chance to chat with Margaret about their beach vacation and overall travel philosophy, below.

Q&A: The Meridian Club

Why did you choose to visit The Meridian Club?

We visited The Meridian Club after finding out about it through Andrew Harper in 1984. We loved it and had a chance on two occasions to swim with the dolphins. That was the first time the dolphins had been sighted. Ten years later, we went back for a two-week stay and got to play with the dolphins again. We had always wanted to go back and see if it was as good as it had been years ago, and this time it was even better.

What was the best part of interacting with the dolphins?

It is unbelievable to be able to play with a wild animal in its habitat.

Why Andrew Harper? What led you to use the Travel Office in planning your recent trip?

We have subscribed to the Andrew Harper publications for around 35 years. I’m not sure of the exact start date. As soon as the Travel Office started up, we used you whenever we really did not want to book on our own. We have always experienced great service.

Can you share a trip highlight with us?

The hospitality of The Meridian Club.

What is your travel philosophy?

No real travel philosophy. We just make a list of what we want to see and go from there – we normally do two to three big trips a year.

What was a great meal you ate on this trip?

They have a tasting menu with small portions of many courses for dinner, which was excellent. We did not have a bad meal when we were there for a week. Next year when we go back for two weeks, we are sure the food will be just as good.

Is there an item you wish that you had remembered to pack?

We had carry-ons only and packed perfectly, needing nothing more. They pride themselves on a "barefoot" atmosphere, so we only took sneakers.

What was an item or experience that was worth every penny on your trip?

The staff were so kind and caring – maybe they were worth every penny. Other guests and homeowners were also very friendly, but not overly so. We loved the fact that there was no surf and the water was warm so we could swim anytime. The best part is walking on the incredible beach followed by a swim. Also the well-stocked library.

What souvenir did you bring back? Did it come from a particularly memorable store?

We brought back belts from the hotel store. We also snorkeled and collected many perfect sand dollars, but we gave them to the other guests.

What would you advise someone to skip?

I might skip renting a golf cart; one hour is all you need.

What did you not have time to do that you wish you had?

We should have gone snorkeling every day and also played tennis.

Was The Meridian Club as you remembered?

The Meridian Club was better than we remembered. All of the rooms were updated, and we loved drive-in night. There was also a church service, Internet, kayaks, SUPs and sailboats.

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