Andrew Harper Family Adventure Tour to Costa Rica



The upcoming Andrew Harper Family Adventure Tour to Costa Rica (July 27 - August 4, 2010) promises a host of memorable sights and experiences: witnessing a giant sea turtle lay her eggs on a Caribbean beach, cruising along tidal rivers through a chattering rainforest, ambling through a cloud forest on a high suspension bridge, soaking in volcano-fueled hot springs and relaxing on pristine beaches. Another perennial appeal of this startlingly beautiful country is its vast array of colorful wildlife, from sloths to howler monkeys, caimans to coatimundis. Tour participants will also enjoy some of Costa Rica’s finest properties, including the lofty perch of The Lost Iguana Resort, overlooking Mount Arenal, and the isolated splendor of Hotel Punta Islita. While all are welcome, this utterly unique itinerary has been created with families in mind. A full itinerary and lodging details are available here. Non-members who wish to join the tour can do so with the addition of a discounted membership price (please contact the Travel Office at 800 375 4685 for more details).

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