Romania Bookshelf: Travelogues by Patrick Leigh Fermor

Two of the best travelogues ever penned, "A Time of Gifts" and "Between the Woods and the Water," make a perfect read before, during or after a trip to Romania.

Romanian Food and Wine

Romanian food is as regionally distinctive as that found in France or Italy. Here is a selection of favorite restaurants from our editor's recent trip.

Where Royalty Sleeps: Prince Charles’ Transylvanian Guesthouse

In the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, Prince Charles owns a guesthouse. When he is not in Transylvania himself, visitors can rent a room or a cottage.

Seeking the Real Count Dracula in Transylvania

For travelers fascinated by Dracula, there are a variety of locations that can be visited in Transylvania besides the most popular, Bran Castle.

Indelible Memory: Cookies and New Friends in Mălâncrav

Our editor visited Malancrav to see the 14th-century fortified church and its famous Gothic murals. What he found instead was much more special.

Letter From the Editor: February 2019

This month we feature two contrasting locations: Transylvania in the heart of Romania, and Chicago, in the heart of the Midwest.

Exploring Unspoiled Transylvania

Culturally rich, peaceful and hospitable, Transylvania deserves to join the ranks of major European destinations. For now, it remains unspoiled.

Bucharest's Stirring Revival

With its Belle Epoque buildings and excellent restaurants, Bucharest is living up to its pre-World War II sobriquet, the "Little Paris of the East."

Newly Recommended Hotels in Transylvania

For the February 2019 issue, our editors discovered two hideaways in Transylvania, a scenic and unspoiled region of central Romania.