Top 5 Restaurants for New Nordic Cuisine

A gastronomic revolution has been afoot in Scandinavia for 15 years, yet it's still under the radar. Here are 5 of the top restaurants for New Nordic cuisine.

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Smoked Salmon to Stokfisk: The Traditional Foods of Norway

Besides beloved Jarlsberg cheese and smoked salmon, the classic cooking of this long, fjord-cragged Scandinavian nation remains little-known.

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Some of the best views of the Norwegian fjords are to be had from the exceptionally well-run and coordinated "Norway in a Nutshell" tour.

The Museums of the Bygdøy Peninsula

The museums of the Bygdoy peninsula constitute one of the city's main attractions and are easily reached via a regular ferry service from Oslo.

Hurtigruten Coastal Voyages

Hurtigruten, daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway's western coast, has recently gone upmarket. Andrew Harper experiences the new service.

Favorite Norwegian Restaurants

The rise of a new generation of chefs is making Norway an exciting destination for food lovers. Here are Andrew Harper's five favorite Norwegian restaurants.

Letter From the Editor: February 2017

Last fall I embarked on a two-week journey through Norway, experiencing spectacular landscapes, cultural institutions, 'New Nordic' cuisine and superb hotels.

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Hotel Review: Amanstavanger, Norway

We've just returned from Amanstavanger, Amanresorts' extraordinary new property in Stavanger, Norway, and can only say that Mr. Zecha has clearly outdone himself.