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For all the beauty and adventure of a luxury stay in a remote location, the greatest payoff can come from above. Here are 12 hotels for serious stargazing.

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Iceland Photo Essay: A Trip on the Ring Road

Hideaway Report photo editor Arielle Berger recently returned from Iceland. Through these 15 photos, we see how otherworldly and beautiful the country truly is.

Just Back From: Iceland

Travel advisor Bridget Kapinus likes to take the road less traveled. In December she proved that to be true when she chose Iceland as her winter getaway.

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Where to Stay in Iceland: Hotel Rangá

At times, a destination's natural beauty eclipses the lack of luxury offerings available. Iceland is one of those destinations.

Meet the Guides: Nine Worlds Iceland Q & A

Black-sand beaches. Towering craggy peaks. Steaming geysers, hot springs and active volcanoes. Thundering waterfalls, majestic fjords and more await in Iceland.

Iceland Sightseeing: Harpa Concert Hall

Opened in May 2011, the striking Harpa Concert Hall is Reykjavik's newest addition to its burgeoning design scene.

A Soak in Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Yes, it may be a tourist trap, but soaking in the milky blue water of the Blaa lonid (blue lagoon) as the thick mist swirls around you is an enjoyable way to spend a free afternoon in Iceland.

Iceland Sightseeing: Hallgrímskirkja Church

One of the more definitive landmarks in Iceland is the immense 245' concrete tower of Hallgrimskirkja Church.

A Scenic Drive Through Iceland’s Golden Circle

A highlight of our trip to Iceland was the drive around the popular "Golden Circle," which features three of the country's most spectacular natural wonders

Fly-Fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland

For many fly-fishing enthusiasts, a trip to Iceland is at the top of their priority lists. The country offers more than 100 rivers in which to fish for Atlantic salmon, between June and September each year.

Heli-Tours Through Iceland

Much of Iceland is wild and inaccessible. The best (sometimes the only) way to see this dramatic country is by helicopter. Typically, tours circle dormant volcanic craters, land on immense glaciers and permit passengers to observe spectacular waterfalls and geothermal activity at close range.

Iceland: Adventure Destination of the Moment

Few places in the world are as pristine as Iceland. The island was formed on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge less than 18 million years ago, and today, it remains a hot spot of geothermal activity, with innumerable hot springs and geysers, as well as glacial rivers, thundering waterfalls and razor-sharp lava fields.

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If you haven't made your travel wish list for the new year yet, here are five time-lapse travel videos made to inspire.

Travel Office News: Eyjafjallajökull Strikes Back

Needless to say, the Harper Travel Office has been quite busy over the last 36 hours assisting roughly a dozen Harper members affected by the Icelandic volcano eruption.