British Columbia


Ocean House: A Floating Ecolodge in British Columbia

Owned by the indigenous Haida Nation, Ocean House is a new 12-room floating ecolodge in British Columbia.

Explore & Restore: 11 Great Outdoor Escapes

The great outdoors means different things to different people. Here are 11 of our favorite hideaways where nature takes center stage.

British Columbia's Kettle Valley Railway Trail

On a visit to British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, we had hoped to spend time on British Columbia's Kettle Valley Railway Trail.

Vancouver Restaurant Discoveries

Dining in Vancouver is a consistent delight. Restaurants serve cuisine from around the world, but the city excels at Asian and Asian-fusion flavors.

Letter From the Editor, December 2016

Mr. Harper constructed a two-week itinerary designed to focus on two of Switzerland's major lakes and its most spectacular mountain scenery.

In Good Taste: Blue Water Café

"Chef Frank Pabst is known for his skill with seafood," says Mr. Harper, which is exactly what hope to hear regarding a restaurant specializing in fruits de mer

Timeless Cultural Traditions: The Haida

For thousands of years, the Haida Gwaii islands have been the main territory of the Haida, a First Nations culture of skilled seafarers, hunters and traders.

Ports of Call: Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has grown into a culturally diverse metropolis, and its Pacific waterfront and myriad attractions lure hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Top Most-Visited North American Islands

If you're considering making your next getaway an island experience, you need not think only of far-flung destinations with long, often expensive flights.

Canada’s Scenic Okanagan Valley

British Columbia's Okanagan Valley had a lot going for it long before its wineries began making premium wines a decade or two ago. Generations of outdoor fun-seekers have flocked here from Vancouver and Calgary (five and eight hours by car, respectively) to hike, bike, climb, camp, boat, swim, fish, golf and party in naturally beautiful surroundings.

A World-Class Winery

Grapes are not a new crop in the Okanagan. In 1860, Father Charles Pandosy founded a Catholic mission in Kelowna, midway along the lake, and planted the province's first vineyard. Over time, a wine industry evolved--much maligned, and deservedly so --sustained by protectionist trade policies. But when new agreements opened Canada to imports of good, modestly priced California wine in the mid-1980s, the homegrown stuff stopped selling.

Going Wild: Global Wildlife and Sea Life Adventures

Whether you're watching grizzlies fish for salmon, elephants interact around a watering hole or clownfish dart amidst a pristine coral reef, encountering wildlife and sea life in their native habitats offers the most memorable of travel experiences. Innumerable locations around the globe provide nature lovers with these exciting opportunities and more. Several Harper Alliance travel partners in North America, Central America, Africa, India and the South Pacific share their insight.

The Pacific Northwest

Area partners in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia share their favorite scenery, sites, events and activities.

Wednesday Escape: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Idyllic wilderness retreat located half an hour by boat from Tofino at the mouth of the Bedwell River.