Where Not to Travel This Summer — And Where to Go Instead

As the list grows of places that have become no-go zones due to tourists, we've come up with alternative destinations to visit in summer.

Favorite Hotels of the Year

In 2018, Hideaway Report editors discovered an unusual number of exotic far-flung retreats and several exquisite city hotels. Here are their favorites.

Indelible Memory: Early Morning at La Boqueria

Arrive early to Barcelona's La Boqueria and you'll be able to savor an almost devotional atmosphere at this temple to the Catalan passion for food.

New Barcelona Restaurants

Hundreds of small farms and the local fishing boats plying the Mediterranean daily make the food in Barcelona so good. Here are four restaurants we recommend.

Barcelona's Best-Known Flea Market

Barcelona's best-known flea market, Mercat dels Encants, isn't exactly the place to get bargains, unless you are an experienced collector.

Three of the Best Bars in Barcelona

Barcelona's citizens love their cocktails, an enthusiasm that has resulted in a thriving bar culture. Here are three bars not to miss -- and one wine shop.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Barcelona

The March 2018 Hideaway Report follows Andrew Harper's travels to Barcelona, where we found two new hotels to recommend.

The Enduring Appeal of Barcelona

Spain's second city is just as popular as ever and for good reason: It boasts superb restaurants and architecture and several luxury hotel options.

Josep Maria Jujol: Another Famous Catalan Architect

Antoni Gaudi may reign supreme as Barcelona's most famous architect, but the work of his contemporary, Josep Maria Jujol, has begun to be recognized.

The Harper Notebook: Best Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona has a leading role on the world's gastronomic stage thanks to both the inventiveness of its chefs and the variety of its dining venues.

Things to Do in Barcelona

Enchanting parks, lively tapas bars and modernist architecture, Barcelona offers visitors a wealth of things to do. Here are a few less-discovered favorites.

Just Back From: Barcelona, Spain

Our senior digital editor, Kristen Remeza, recently spent five days drinking and eating her way across the capital of Catalonia.

City Guide: Barcelona

Enjoy this travel guide to Barcelona with tips, recommendations and ideas for where to eat, stay and shop in this enticing Spanish city.

Interview: Chef Jordi Cruz of ABaC

A trip to Barcelona is not complete without a stop at ABaC Hotel and Restaurant. The 14-year-old hotel seamlessly combines a restful stay in the Catalonian capital with an emphasis on culinary excellence.

My Favorite Tapas Bars

Exploring the city’s tapas bars is an entertaining way to spend an evening in Barcelona. Invariably, I begin with the city’s two best traditional bars in the El Born district, then head to some of the new places that have opened elsewhere in the city.

Classic Update: Barcelona Benchmark

For many years, Barcelona’s grand hotels tended to be inconsistent, and their reputations waxed and waned with lunar regularity. Since its debut in 2009, however, my affections have been captured by the 98-room Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona.

Chic Barcelona

Barcelona and Madrid have been rivals since the early 18th century, when the Catalan Parliament was abolished and Catalonia came under the rule of Spanish King Philip V.

From My Notebook

What could be nicer than getting on a train in Paris, eating a good dinner, retiring to bed and waking up in Italy?

Paco Meralgo — A Great Tapas Bar in Barcelona

Dining in a tapas bar is one of the great experiences of a trip to Spain, but during many visits to this country, I’ve observed how stressful these places can be for foreigners who don’t speak Spanish and don’t know the names of the dishes on display or on the menu.

Notable September Events

Notable September Events

ABaC Hotel & Restaurant, Barcelona

From the Members' Forum: "We just returned from two weeks in Spain, including five nights at [ABaC Hotel & Restaurant][2] in Barcelona.