Video: The Mighty Iguazú Falls

On the border between Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu River topples off a basalt ridge and forms the world's largest waterfall. We get up close.

Favorite Hotels of the Year

In 2018, Hideaway Report editors discovered an unusual number of exotic far-flung retreats and several exquisite city hotels. Here are their favorites.

Awasi Iguazú: A New Rainforest Refuge

A trip to Argentina and Brazil uncovers two contrasting resorts on Iguazu Falls, one a true hideaway and the other a large hacienda-style hotel.

Newly Recommended Hotels in Argentina and Brazil

A trip to South America was fruitful in finding new hotels of a very high standard: One was located two hours from Buenos Aires and the others were in Brazil.

Letter From the Editor: December 2018

The December 2018 issue of the Hideaway Report covers Argentina, Brazil, Jamaica and the Historic Coast of Florida. We found properties to recommend in each.

Ask the Editors: Unforgettable Outdoor Adventures

The world's most lavish travel experiences aren't just about hotels. Our editor-in-chief reveals his favorite outdoor adventures from a lifetime of travel.

5 New Hotels This Month, July 2016

Three new hotels added to Andrew Harper's Collection this month.

Letter From the Editor, July 2016

Andrew Harper reviews his travels from this month's issue, from the wine country of Salta, Argentina to the city of Chicago, and beaches of Miami.

Sightseeing: Cruising Lake Nahuel Huapi

The most luxurious way to explore this mountain lake is to arrange for a private motor launch and guide.

Archaeology: Surprising Finds in Salta

Northern Argentina is renowned for its wine, but the region also has a wealth of archaeological sites. Here, Andrew Harper details two worth visiting.

Patagonia’s Dramatic Lake District

Patagonia's lake district very much has its own identity. Here, vast swaths of land remain pristine, with any development forbidden by the national park.

The Benefits of Using a Ground Operator

My recent journey through Argentina served to emphasize the fact that in many destinations it is best to organize your entire vacation with a ground operator.

Rural Retreats Near Buenos Aires

It’s easy enough to escape the bustle of Buenos Aires by air, but one need not go far afield to enjoy the pleasures of the Argentine countryside.

Argentina Wine Resorts, Historic Estancias and Andean Lodges

With Argentina's fortunes changing for the better and the peso still weak, it seemed an opportune moment to return.

Craft Beer in Bariloche

Discover two craft beer brewpubs in Bariloche, Cerveceria Blest and Cerveceria Berlina, both a five-minute walk of El Casco Art Hotel.

Shopping: A Walk in San Antonio de Areco

A suggested afternoon walking tour through the pretty colonial town of San Antonio de Areco, about 20 minutes from La Bamba, Argentina.

Bookshelf: Buenos Aires, The Biography of a City

I especially enjoyed this new work by James Gardner, published in 2015, which examines the history of Buenos Aires through the lens of its architecture.

Salta Tasting Rooms: Piattelli and El Porvenir

The high-altitude wine country around Cafayate ranks among the world’s most beautiful, with vineyards framed by rugged mountains and reliably blue skies.

Mountain Hikes: Cerro Catedral

About 15 miles from Llao Llao, Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill) gained fame as a ski resort, but it offers sensational panoramas at every season.

Video: Bariloche Lake District

Scenes from our visit to Bariloche Lake District in Argentina's Patagonia region as reviewed in the July issue of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

Video: Salta, Argentina

Scenes from Andrew Harper's visit to Salta in Argentina as reviewed in the July issue of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

Video: The Pampas, Argentina

Andrew Harper's stay at an estancia in The Pampas near Buenos Aires, Argentina as reviewed in the July issue of Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report.

6 Escapes for Wine Lovers

For oenophiles, there is nothing better than a weekend dedicated to wine. These six food and wine hotels offer something for everyone.

South America Grand Awards 2016

Each year, we have the pleasure of singling out a number of particularly memorable hotels and resorts. These are the top hotels in South America selected.

Town & Country: Travel Guide to Buenos Aires and Bariloche

Try this classic Argentina itinerary, pairing the exciting city of Buenos Aires with the spectacular scenery of Bariloche and Nahuel Huapi National Park.

Just Back From | Eight Days in Argentina

A staff member uses Buenos Aires and Salta, Argentina, as bases for sightseeing and excursions on an eight-day trip to the scenic, historically-rich country.

Single-Vineyard Wines of Mendoza

Mendoza's fine Argentine wines routinely outshine their price tags, a trend especially evident in the increasing crop of single-vineyard wines.

Beguiling Winery Restaurants of Mendoza

Editor-in-Chief Andrew Harper points to beguiling winery restaurants in Mendoza where one may enjoy lunch amid vineyards backdropped by the Andes.

The Experimental Winery of Catena Zapata

The Catena Zapata winery is one of Mendoza’s most popular stops. What really made this visit worthwhile was our private tour of the experimental winery.

The Vines Resort Video

A video of our stay at the Vine Resort & Spa in Argentina as reviewed in the April 2015 issue of the Hideaway Report.

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