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The notion I had for this newsletter back in 1979 – sharing peaceful and unspoiled sanctuaries with a limited and compatible group of gracious travelers –
remains firm.

There is no concealing my disdain for the crowds, noise, rudeness, bulldozers, fast food and packaged destinations. Skyscraper hotels and copycat motels tender me the ambiance of a boiled turnip.

Small rates big. Charm not chicness. I am comforted by comfort, invigorated by serenity and scenery, and grateful for hospitable welcomes and warmhearted service.

- Hideaway Report Founder

40 Years of Travel Inspiration


Our founding editor left his corporate life to travel the world. In his desire for authenticity, he sought out small hideaways in unspoiled corners of the globe, sharing his findings under the pen name Andrew Harper.


We opened a full-service travel office in response to an overwhelming number of requests from members to re-create our travel experiences.


Our founding editor retired and appointed a new editor-in-chief.


The travel office became a stand-alone entity, Andrew Harper Travel, which continues to service our members’ travel needs.


We went back to our roots, shifting our focus to hideaways and returning to our original name, the Hideaway Report.


We relaunched our website to deliver an improved user experience, making our content more immersive, discoverable and engaging.

Hideaway Report editors, anonymous as always

Hideaway Report editors have traveled to more than 100 countries and have visited every continent, including Antarctica. They have canoed down the Zambezi, hiked the Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ trail, lunched with the owners of Château Margaux, walked with elephants in the jungles of northern Thailand and dived to the seafloor surrounding Indonesia to explore sunken World War II-era ships.

Aside from uncovering one-of-a-kind hideaways around the world, our editors have:

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Our Mission

Travel the world incognito in search of hideaways and unforgettable experiences for the discerning traveler

Our Vision

To empower people to see the world differently through travel

Company Values

Be respectfully honest.
Explore with
Realize your
Share your enthusiasm.
Communicate, commit & collaborate.

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